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Omega-3 Index and Vitamin D Test Kit

Omega-3 Index and Vitamin D Test Kit

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Evaluate your Omega-3 Index and Vitamin D levels effortlessly with our Omega-3 Index and Vitamin D Test Kit in just three simple steps. Plus! Receive a personalized recommendation to adjust your diet and supplementation for optimal level enhancement.

An Omega-3 Index of 8% or higher is ideal. It represents fatty acid levels that are associated with the best states of health. But with up to 90% of Americans not getting the recommended daily minimum amounts of omega-3s, Index levels of 4% or lower are common. Raising a patient’s Omega-3 Index helps ensure they are getting enough EPA and DHA to fully support their health.

Vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin, acquired through certain foods, supplements, or synthesized in our bodies upon sun exposure. It plays a crucial role in supporting bone health, immune function, heart health, mood, brain function, and metabolic well-being.
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